Saturday, October 28, 2006

... Lifes ups and Downs

After last nights stressful journey home, caused me to bust out of both competitions with a whimper, I was hoping for a more relaxed evening. Have a kip in the afternoon, bit of tea, walk the dog then play some poker in the new PL Mansion League Game at 8:00pm.

It started as planned with the kip.....
After that the relaxing evening went out of the window.... decided to go out for tea, eventually sat down to be served at about 6:00, eaten up for 6:45 - good... still can get home for 8:00pm.

Aaah, but kids want a DVD, and we need some paint,and lights from Homebase, and we could do with some Whiskey for Christmas presents (well it is nearly November) from Tesco .... woooaaah ,"I could do with being home for 7:30", i said ........ Tesco's is shelved.... the journey home is silent.

Drop the kids off, get home for 7:45, put the lights up, hoover up the mess caused by putting the lights up, get on Mansion 7:59 ....... and relax.

Phone rings, missus answers it .... good .... Crash Bang Smash.... bad

In place of the nice light we used to have of a fairy with glass wings, we now have a light of a wingless fairy and a carpet full of glass.
I clean up the broken glass, rush back upstairs to tourney .... and relax ... play 15mins and its first break. Quickly make a cup of tea, in preparation for next hour... get ready to re-start...... good .....Flash, Bang,Darkness ...... bad.

The bleedin electric has cut out, a funny burning smell lingers in the air .... fumbling around in the dark, I find the torch..... good...... the batteries are dead .... bad.
The missus flails around in dark, finds the trip switch and hey presto, light !! ...... good.... then darkness.... bad .. then light...then dark....

I track down the smell of burning and unplug the offending item... light....good.
Back to game.. still about 1/2 way, but getting increasingly wound up... "Are you fetching the kids back", comes the shout from downstairs. 15mins later, daughter safely home, I sit back down again, chips diminished, patience gone I call All-In raise with 74s...... bad.

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