Sunday, October 08, 2006

Nowhere Man

.. played a couple of Freerolls over weekend, no luck -no interest to be honest - went out early in all. Probably playing a little loose for my own good, i'm trying to accumulate chips early and failing.

Think with these tourneys when the blinds are small, I need to be getting in with any hands when in decent table position, and limpers in front. I know a lot of limpers like to 'slow play' big hands, so if I'm disciplined post flop I could scoop a big pot occasionally.
Then once the blinds increase just start playing the more premium hands, and picking of the middle size stacks.

On a more positive note, I hit a 'clever play' I have been tried a few times without success, and managed to wipe out one player - useful play that I will definitely try again.

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