Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Putting ideas into practice

Armed with my bottle of DR PEPPER, and Michael1123's MTT Strategy stored away in my grey matter - I attacked the Punters Lounge Sporting Odds MTT, played as advised - (in the most part)- and mentally kicked myself when I failed to follow the advice in later round - costing me a 'Chunk of Chips'

I only ever committed to a hand once when I was behind, and that was calling a Small Stacks All-In. I sucked out in 3rd place against 'Bandit7', who must have had one of the hottest streaks of luck I can remember seeing - not just against me put every hand he seemed to contest on the Final Table.

When down to final 3 I first called his SB raise, with an All-In -


He hits a 4 on the flop, I hit a 7 on the turn - then we split the pot when the board makes a 7 high strait.

Next circuit, same scenario


He misses the other 3 Q's, but manages to see 10 J K A on the board to hit the A High strait and send me packing.

Ah well 3rd place pays a massive $6.75 - so I shouldn't moan.

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