Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mansion, such a good site

Played in the PL Mansion League tonight, didn't last long after I donked off most of my chips to Burnley Joe whilst trying to steal from the Button.

Anyhow when I had come out of that tourney, I noticed a $10+1 MTT in the Lobby $800 Gtd, and there where only 38 people in it with 10 mins left to register. SO i thought I'd have a crack.

Eventually ended up with 67 but still good value, paying 12 places. I played tight(ish) and eventually finished 8th for $28 - not mega money but I was pleased with how I played (last All-In was a bit uncalled for, with AQo, as I could have made a smaller raise to generate same effect with blinds big)

Doing well on Mansion currently ... and although lot of PL'ers moan about connection, I must say I find the site excellent.

Currently +$62 this month

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