Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Luck vs Skill

Played in the SPodds/Paradise MTT Challenge tonight, after finishing 3rd last week, I wanted to consolidate my position. After rushing back from a meal I managed to Late Register (good idea Paradise !!) - but with my mum and dad coming back I was unable to play even then.
I managed to keep slipping out of room and played about 5 hands in the first hour - on one of those I managed a good pot against 'ROSCOPL' and had a slightly below average position at first break.

After break picked up a couple of small pots, then on the button holding AJ I raised 3*BB only to be raised by GaF All-In. After seeing GaF play before, something told me he wasn't holding a genuine hand - so I called. Sure enough he had made a bluff at the pot with A7o- an incredibly reckless bet for GaF, who I would put in the Top 5 PL Poker Players. I can only assume he thought I was stealing the blinds, but even so an All-In was a little OTT leaving him no margin to be wrong, if I'd been stealing a re-raise of 700-1000 would have been ample and would still have given him chances to continue had I re-raised.
Anyway its all insignificant as GaF, of course hit a 7 on the flop, and my stack was decimated leaving me only 245, and 22nd of 22.
Before my blind was due I went All-In UTG holding AK, which was duly beaten by Q7s which hit a flush by the turn, a K coming on the river to rub salt in the wounds.
So I played a perfect game and ended up out in 20th. The only plus side being that I at least got some points on the board, as the best 3 scores out of 4 count and I don't think I'll be able to play next week as I'm on works do.

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