Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dusk 'Til Dawn

The Title of an excellent Quentin Tarantino film combining Action , Laughter and Horror with an excellent cast, and excellent production.
It is also the name of a new Poker Club opening a few Junctions down the M1 from where I live - and I'm hopeful it will provide a similar combination of Action , Laughter and Horror (when you get sucked out on at the River) with an excellent cast, and excellent production.

Hopefully the dealers will resemble the 'Hosts' in the film as well !! >>>>>>

I've registered my name on the Dusk Till Dawn website, which promised an invite to the opening night - I've gathered together the dregs of Freeroll winnings I had lying around in some of my more abstract sites, and deposited it into the Dusk Till Dawn online site.This makes them my only 'live' Cryptologic site.
The director of Poker is Simon 'Aces' Trumper - and on board are also numerous other UK Poker Professionals.

Now apparently Simon has been ringing round informing registered members of the clubs progression, well he's not rung me - not even a bloody e-mail !! - now rejection, from beautiful girls I can handle - but when you look like Simon you'd think he'd be grateful for all the friends he can get !!

Anyway I'm a patient guy, so I'll just wait for my VIP invite to the opening night !! - but Simon be warned if Mr Tarantino rings before you do, I might be otherwise engaged.

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