Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Easy Come , Easy Go

I've decided to change my usual Cash site from Prima, as there aren't many tables at my current level and they seem to be permanently inhabited by Multi-Tabling Rocks. I was on my table the other night and all 9 people had shown a profit, over the periods I'd recorded them in Poker Tracker,who where playing at the table - and I had recorded over 1000 hands for one of the players (On Prima you can record data into Poker Tracker just by observing).

Anyway, i decided to try a few sites where I have got dregs of Freeroll winnings lying around doing nothing - (as the min withdrawal is higher etc). So I ventured onto Pacific Poker, I had to download a trial version of a 'Hand Grabber'!! - (Sounds like gadget for a pervert ?!?) - which maxed out the processor on my PC, and I finally got playing about 8:00pm.

I stopped at 9:00pm to watch 'Life on Mars' - (Best program currently on Telly) - and showed a profit of $5-78 - which added to the $14-00 I had in my account meant I was going OK.

Logged on again at 10:00pm, and I'd lost my whole 'Bankroll' by 11:30pm !! - I played far to loose, and got aggressive at the wrong times.

Well at least I can uninstall the bloody Hand Grabber now, and give my processor an rest.

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