Saturday, April 28, 2007

It was all going so well ..

Logged back onto Pokerstars again last night in an attempt to rebuild my Bankroll via STT's. I played 3 won 1,3rd in another - so showing a balance of $7-20 - which was moving in the right direction.
By the time I'd finished it was about 00:15, so I thought I would just have a hour on the cash tables to build it a little more before going to bed - lost the lot by 00:30 . So that's my Pokerstars roll finished unless I get lucky in a freeroll on there sometime in the future.

I then thought I'd get the loss back from the donkeys on PKR - but when your tired and a little on Tilt, then PKR is the wrong site to go on, as the hands are played so slowly I got impatient twice, and even donkeys get hand sometimes !!, so I managed to blow another $20, for one of my worst days ever - down $24-50 on the day (Which I suppose isn't bad if that's one of my worst days ever !! - lets look on the positive side)

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BurnleyMik said...

Hope you saved enough to play in the bloggerment game though!

Hope to see you there.