Thursday, May 17, 2007

Read 'em and Weep

I've only read 2 Poker 'How To' books in my life, they where the 'Bibles' of Tournament Poker Harrington On Hold Em vols I & II. The two months after I read them where the only 2 losing months I've ever had playing Hold Em.
Is this a coincidence, I think not....

........ I have know purchased another 'How To' book on 7 Card Stud - I thought I'd better work out the way to play properly before my Vegas Tourney - I started reading it last night, and I'm currently on lesson 10 of 42 - tonight I've become a losing Stud Cash player from being a positive one 2 nights ago .....coincidence I think not.

Although in all seriousness reading Harrington definitely made me a better player in the long term, but by taking his ideals and mixing my own ideas and playing style with his guidelines, not by blindly following his advice.

I have to put my own thoughts into the Stud Book as well by the looks of it

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