Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ow Do Amos ?

Many,Many Congratulations to Mr Michael Saban .Esq who on Friday evening became the Betfair Grand Prix III champion winning a $7k prize package -which includes 3 Major British Tourney Buy-Ins, and Professional Coaching from 'The Milky Bar Kid' (Ben Grundy) himself.
I also believe he will be part of the PokerPlayer Team in next years Grand Prix.

Anyone who has met Mike will know what a smashing bloke he is, and success couldn't be endowed on a better bloke.
He really does have the skill and style to make a big impression on the tourneys he will be entered into - When he does become a big name on the UK Poker Circuit then be prepared for a fashion resurgence of sideburns, they will become Mikes trademark, you may already now

Mike 'the Mouth' Matasow - Dave 'El Blondie' Colcough - Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson - Greg 'Fossillman' Raymer

Just remember you read it here first when we get Mike 'Sideburns' Saban, or simply 'Amos' to his friends.

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Mike & Lou said...

Oi dont you go starting with that, somebody might pick up on it :-)

Thank You, a very nice post.