Sunday, September 02, 2007

Good Start to the Month

Taking a lead from Mike Saban , I've decided to work away at the Full Tilt Multi Tables STT's, instead of donking my profit away in the cash games. I know I can make a steady profit from the levels I've played on these,as opposed to the ups and downs of the cash games.

I'll play the $2 variants from a starting roll of $200 (specifically for these) - then when I hit $500 roll I'll move up and so on ...

Started this last night, and found that at these 'poor $2 standards' it doesn't always pay to sit tight, and play the premium hands - I did that in my first 3 and went out 10/18 - 13/18 - and 6/18 respectively. I found that sitting tight I would find myself below average chips, then when I got a hand they would call with most anything and I lost to bad beats all 3 times.

So 4th game I decided to play almost every flop where we had limper's, then use - (what I believe to be) my edge by outplaying them on the flop, or bailing out cheaply when felt I was well behind. This worked a treat, I soon built up a big stack and proceeded to bully people into mistakes - must say I thoroughly enjoyed the game, playing this way, although I did perhaps get a little carried away with the bullying aspect on some occasions.

Finally found myself heads up, although I was well behind my opponent about 20k-7k. I did pull back the lead but my aggressiveness was my downfall in the end. However the 2nd place gave me a small profit on the night, and my opponent gave me the lovely comment of 'U SUCK' when I managed to outdraw his KK with my Q4 offsuit.

Along with the poker, I was also given my bi-monthly free £5 bet from Betfair, this had to be placed on any soccer market before 02/09/2007 - so I looked at today's matches and plumped my £5 on Aston Villa to beat Chelsea @ 4.8/1. I had priced the game up in my head before i looked at the odds, and couldn't believe the massive price on Villa. Ok I know they were playing Chelsea, but from my limited views of Chelsea this year I hadn't been overly impressed by them so thought the bet was good value and wasn't costing me anything.

Result Villa 2 Chelsea 0 Me $48 (£24) - with new signing Zak Knight scoring the first, who said the drugs don't work !!

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