Sunday, October 14, 2007

Poker in the Pub

We went to stay with friends Friday night, they live in Lincolnshire - the county where when people say have let me introduce you to my wife, and to my sister they are usually referring to the same person.
We went to a Pub Quiz on Friday evening - started well but faded badly. Ended up with 15 out of 30 - but even so it was still good enough to win a side bet with one other team that was there.
A couple of the questions we got wrong are below if we there are any quiz connoisseurs amongst you

1. Who had Manchester United been playing against the day before the Munich Air Disaster ?
Answer - Red Star Belgrade
2. Who had a hit in the Eighties with 'Baby I don't care' ? - (We could describe the lead singer, but couldn't name the band)
Answer - Transvision Vamp
3. What country owns Easter Island ?
Answer - Chile
4. What were the first names of Cagney and Lacey ? (If you know that then there really is no hope for you)
Answer - Christine and Mary-Beth
5. Who had a hit in the 60's with 'Working in a Coalmine' (I got this correct)
Answer - Lee Dorsey

Anyway after the quiz some bloke got out a Poker Table and chips, so I enquired if it was a Private Game or could anyone join in ? - his reply .....

"Yes it was a private game, but anyone can join in " - I think he must have had trouble with my accent.?

They appeared to just each pay a small ante, as opposed to having Big/Small Blinds. First hand was dealt by an old fellow that looked as though he had difficulty breathing let alone dealing cards. The flop looked as though it had come all hearts, and the old guy dealing raised the pot. He got one caller who was the guy in the Cut-Off.
The next card was another Heart and the guy in the Cut-Off goes all-in, the old guy dealing called him and they both turned their cards over. The bloke in the Cut-Off shows Ace of Hearts for the Nut Flush, and the Old guy who was dealing showed ...... 3 Cards !!! - they call the hand void.
At this point it got a little heated, the guy who 'won' the hand swears at the top of his voice and storms off to the bar. The remaining players all burst into laughter, laughing at the old guy who had been dealing. Hearing the laughter the bloke from the bar storms back and threatens to 'Rip the Fucking Head off' one of the other players, as he thinks they are all laughing at him.

What better on a night out than having a nice friendly game of cards.


The Cloud said...

2. Transvision Vamp..

Wendy James was a saucy little minx!!

The Cloud said...

4. Was one of them "James"?

voiceofjoe said...

Yes - and the other one was 'Boot'

Peter said...

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