Saturday, October 06, 2007

Steady as She Goes

Poker has been pretty steady during the first few days of October - I'm back on the STT's and showing a slight hint of a return to form, I also had a small cash ($30) in the Sky Poker Player Freeroll - which was won by a fellow Ace of Clubs member Karl Jones. I read today that Sky are due to film a small interview on him for the Final, sounds like a candidate for the next BAFTA awards in the 'Creative Use of Make-Up Category'.

I also 'cashed' in the Blue Square GKUPT London qualifier, finishing in 10th of 441 - however my 'prize' is an $100+$9 entry to a Super Satellite for the same London final - I think I'll play the one on the coming Wednesday as that has 4 Seats Guaranteed, although I've never had much idea in the few Satellite events I have played before, I may as well use the buy-in rather than lose it.

I've been travelling to and from Milton Keynes with work this week, and it will continue into November - so I've been Knackered most evenings, I've even failed to attend the Weekly Live meet at Creswell for the past 2 weeks.

I also read with interest that season 2 of APAT starts this week, with the introduction of Regional Championships, as well as National Championships. My region is Eastern (?) but currently the only 2 casinos hosting events are Walsall, and Great Yarmouth (!) which are both a little far away for my liking, but with the award of its licence this week, DTD at Nottingham will be hosting qualifiers from December onwards - which for £20 a time seem a good way to spend Saturday afternoons.

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