Saturday, December 15, 2007

Betfair Grand Prix

Played the Betfair Grand Prix tonight, I've never done very well in this competition and with 640 players lined up, it would prove another tough challenge. My good friend Mike Saban won the whole thing last year and so is a bounty this year. I think knocking Mike out would probably be as enjoyable as winning the overall competition

Anyway slow steady start and I keeping well above the average stacks, I manage a nice few timely double ups when the stacks are dropping, and nicely turn up the aggression when I slipped out of the top 30%. So pleased with my progress and final make the points (Top 30) in about 10th place. I then take a big hit from when I run my AT on a Ten High flop into Pocket Kings -and I'm down in about 17th of 19.

I nurture my stack, and build it back up with some All-In or Fold poker, I make the final table after about 3 1/2 Hours. I eventually go bust Pushing Pocket 6's into a 4 *BB raiser who turns Pocket 9's. I had a feeling he was playing a better Pair than me, and he had no fold equity - so I mark that down as an error of judgement

On the plus side that's 16 points, and whilst nowhere near guarantees me a place in the Final next April - it does give me an incentive to carry on playing the Series, and who knows if I can nick Mikes bounty in the next 8 Freerolls the points from that will see me through to the Final

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