Sunday, December 02, 2007

On the first Day of Christmas .....

Started the new month with a few STT's which saw me win a couple, place in another and provide me with a small profit overall.

I then had a session on the cash tables, and after losing a buy-in early doors - managed to scrape it all back with a small profit 2 hands before I was about to call it a night.

I've also played 3 MTT's, a couple of $5 buy-ins on Betfair, and Full Tilt - the Full Tilt on being a HORSE tourney, which I enjoyed greatly, although went well for a long time I lost a few big pots when the Blinds were big and finished 36 of 113 and missed the money. Similar situation on Betfair where I finished 4 off the money in a Super Turbo NLHE ending up 22 of 130.
I did however read about a Bounty tourney on 32Red which had added prize money, and although this was a $10 Buy-In, I decided to give it a crack - I eventually finished just in the money finishing 8th of 125 for $60. Nice to get a small return, but I thought in hindsight the payout structure was a little poor - only paying 8 places with a 120+ entry.

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