Friday, January 18, 2008

Runadrum Down Under

The main Poker Forum (PuntersLounge) that I contribute to has perhaps a hard core of around 100 Poker Players, as its also a sports betting forum and not solely dedicated to Poker. Anyway two of the members managed to win Packages to the Aussie Millions through $55 Satellites on Blue Square.
'Washman' - Richard Scott - I'm afraid went out on day 1, but hes had the trip paid for and been in Oz for around 3 weeks - plus he won the Blue Square organized tournament while he was there.
However 'Runadrum' - Duncan Godfrey- is now going into day 4 of 5 and sitting very nicely placed 15th of 22 - he's guaranteed a minimum $65k AUD (About £30k) with the first prize being an incredible $1.65m AUD (About £750k). Don't know if hes a subscriber to my blog, but my heartfelt good wishes go out to him.

It's stories like these that give the normal 'Amateur' player hope, I've played against Duncan many times (and his wife 'Avongirl' who is also a Poker Player which must help his cause) on line in numerous Freerolls, and PuntersLounge Tourneys - He in fact finished 3rd in the Freeroll I won that took me to last years WSOP.
The point I'm trying to convey here is, that whilst I have the greatest respect for Duncan as a player, I wouldn't feel that he was any better or worse a player than I am currently. The only advantage I do believe Duncan has over me is that he isn't afraid to 'Tilt at Rainbows' every now and again and play out of his normal buy-in range - and another big plus is that he has been a fairly regular attendee of lower Buy -In Live national tourneys such as APAT, and the like. Of course a little bit of lady luck is required, but if you give her enough chances to show her face, by playing in these type of events then who knows where it can lead.
Good Luck Duncan.

You can follow his exploits here Runadrum and Washman at the Aussie Millions

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