Friday, April 04, 2008

Cold Turkey

I've been away from Home for 10 days, with work - based in the 'glitz' of Dunstable - I think if you knock of the 'D' you get a pretty good description of the place.
I was there to help with a Stock Take and takeover of a company, whereby I will be staying Monday-Friday for the next 4 or 5 weeks showing them how to use our systems. To say this week was a bit Heath Robinson, is putting it mildly. The company we took over had all their Networks removed the Saturday we took over, our guys were due to put our Network in on the Monday - until then the only access to the Internet and our systems in Derbyshire was via a Vodaphone Mobile Net Connection, and the only computer able to access this was a 'Brick' of a laptop that they sent me down with - my idea had been to take the setup back to the hotel in the evenings so I could play poker !!
I took it back to the Hotel on the Friday night and it wouldn't even recognise a connection - then Friday,Saturday,Sunday the laptop would only start once in every five attempts - it got so I daren't switch it off once it had started. I left it at the Warehouse doing a CHKDSK overnight Sunday, and from Monday onwards it started behaving, albeit the connection was no faster than dial-up. Whilst at work I thought I'd look up the couple of NUTZ Poker Pubs that I had been told were in the area, as I remembered that one of them had a meeting on the Monday evening. We now had access to the net, so I googled NUTZ POKER and got the link to the main site, clicked the link and .............. 'VODAPHONE WARNING ADVISORY CONTENT RESTRICTION' ...... Fuck Me !! (or Fack Me, as they say darn Sarf) ... I couldn't remove it as I didn't know the account that the Vodaphone Router was assigned to. Not only did this stop me finding out where my live poker was being played, it also meant I couldn't access any Poker Sites to download the software onto the 'Brick' of a laptop they had given me. To top everything BT couldn't provide us with Internet access at the warehouse at all last week and its going to be next Tuesday at the earliest before full net access is available.
So I have had to endure the last 10 days Poker free ..... after the cold sweats of the first few days, the withdrawal symptoms eased off during the later part of the week. Up to the point of me writing this post, where I am beginning to doubt if I can even remember how to play it.
No doubt I will wean myself back into it sometime this weekend, and next week I am in a different hotel, which offers Wi-Fi access - so I will be packing my old netgear adaptor, and laptop in preparation

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