Monday, February 23, 2009


Playing the Poker Player Betfred Freeroll ............ and losing focus.

So I thought i'd embark on some 'Twitter' style updates to stop me surfing the net and totally losing interest.....

21:11 - Just played more hands in the last 3 minutes than the whole first hour.Semi - Bluff vs 'Woollyace40' with a Flush and Open Ended Strait Draw - the board paired on the Turn and he folded to an all-in. Then re-raised 'Woolly's Limp with AKo.Hit the King on the flop and got it All-In on the turn while he chased his Flush.

21:24 - Wondering if 'Betfred' have changed their carpet - its not as bright as I remember

21:37 - New player at table - 'GoLLyman' - is it Carol Thatchers mate - 'Jo-Wilfried Tsonga' and is it PC ?? - who cares

22:02 Out 166th - ReRaised when in the Small Blind holding AKs - against a steal attempt from the CutOff. He calls off his last 1500 chips with 7To and he hits a 7 on the River.
What a knob.............

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