Friday, April 17, 2009

Working on Caribbean Time

Got back from the Caribbean holiday yesterday and my body clock is still working 5hrs behind GMT at the moment - hence the 3:00 am post.

Played some small cash games and a couple of MTT's since returning back, I feel refreshed and believe I'm playing OK - although having Aces busted twice on cash games, and once in the MTT hasn't helped my profit/loss ratio since my return !

This was the first time I'd been on a cruise and I now intend to knuckle down and win enough to take another one next year, and pay off the credit card expenses I've run up on this one !! - we both thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, and the Caribbean is truly a wonderful place to visit. We visited 11 Islands over the fortnight, each one glorious in its own right.
Also had some great entertainment on the ship - if you ever get chance to see 'Manuel Martinez -Cuban Magician' then do so, the magic is pretty basic, but this is a minor irritation as his humour, jokes and ad-libs make for an excellent evenings entertainment.

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Dremeber said...

We did a Caribbean cruise 4 years ago. While it was a great holiday, one of the best, we did have the feeling. Okay, now something else. Maybe the problem was that we shipped in NY and had 6 ocean days!
On the other side we were capable of paying the bill on board with the winnings in the casino!