Sunday, July 26, 2009

'Game Stops Play'

I've treated myself to a new PC - out of some of my Poker winnings - bought from Mesh Computers it arrived this Monday. Now 5 years or so ago when I originally bought my former PC, (- pre Poker-) I also purchased 'Half Life 2' which was, at that time the Pre-Eminent First Person shooter game for a PC.
The problem was that the Graphic Card on the new PC I bought back then wasn't advanced enough to run it, I was also on a Dial Up Modem at that time, and 'Half Life 2' is dependent on having a fast Internet Connection, as it operates via a system called 'Steam', a Anti-Pirating Software application, which constantly downloads content from the Internet.

So in effect i ended up paying £30 for a game I couldn't use !!

Anyway now 5 Years on, and with the addition of Broadband, the entry level PC's are advanced enough to run 'Half Life 2' - So I stumped up £15 on Monday and purchased a new copy of the game, which also includes in the Package 4 spin off games, and for the last week Poker has taken a back seat - and I've not been getting into bed much before 2am each morning, staying up all hours trying to complete the bloody game.

I've not totally neglected the Poker, and what I have been playing I think I've enjoyed more - and also produced a small profit in the few MTT's and Cash games I've played in

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