Sunday, August 02, 2009

Poker Players from Hell

Played the regular AOC weekly Live gameFriday night, and started off on one of the best tables I could have hoped for - all good players, good banter and played at a reasonable pace. Although the other tables didn't seem quite so fortunate with a particularly noisy and chaotic outer table being the worst of the bunch.
Unfortunately as the night wore on and the tables broke up, we ended up with the dubious honor of having the main protagonist of the 'Outer' table chaos end up on our table.
The player in question had obviously been knocking back the 'Shandy' and, whilst not vindictive or nasty, was the probably one of the most self centred and rude people I've had the 'pleasure' to sit with on a Poker table - and the only thing he knew about 'etiquette' was that it came after 'egotist' in the dictionary. Any hand he was involved in took and age to complete (and he was involved in many with a regular any picture limp), he couldn't deal, couldn't tell the values of the chips, couldn't manage to keep his chips solely in front of his own seat, couldn't sit up strait and had to sit with his left arm almost 2/3rds into the centre of the table, couldn't talk without shouting, couldn't let anyone else talk without shouting over them, couldn't let anything happen on the table without making himself Judge,Jury and Executioner.
One of the worse examples of his behaviour was when he was dealing , he had one of the younger players All-In against him, he showed Pocket Tens and the other player was All-In with A6 of Spades. The flop brought another Ten and a Single Spade. Which prompted a victory cheer from 'Mr LookatMe', and, he thought no need for anymore cards !! ....... he was informed that he must deal the turn and river, as the lad still had outs - So the deal of the Turn card was him lifting the top card and looking what it was .... a good 10 seconds later he decides to put it on the table, it was another Spade - giving the young lad the Nut Flush draw. The river card was dealt by lifting up the top corner, so only he could see it, an expletive from his mouth and then him quickly putting it on the bottom of the deck !!
He was forcibly made to put the fucking card on the table by the rest of the players, he wasn't hiding the fact it was another spade, he was quite open that the lad had hit his Nut Flush - But that's just not the way to do things ..... and what made it worse, was that whilst it had indeed mad the lad his Nut Flush it had also paired the board and given 'Mr LookatMe' his full house.

Sometimes there's no justice in this world


Mark said...

You also forgot to mention the occasional dubious aroma that was circulating the room, I'm pretty sure that Mr. Lookatme was the source of that too!

I really didn't enjoy being sat next to him but could only console myself with the thought that sometimes you have to deal with situations at a poker table that you wouldn't normally encounter!

voiceofjoe said...

Yes,I need to invest in an IPod for such occasions

Mark said...

I usually have mine with me but rarely use it. Next time he's getting on your wires let me know and I'll pass the ipod across!!