Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bit of a Do

Went to the Punters Lounge yearly PLWSOP Comp at DTD yesterday - got there for 2pm and left around 2am.
First tourney Omaha, which saw DTD Compere and Ex-Poker Pro Simon 'Aces' Trumper stump up £25, and add a bounty on his head. Thinking he wouldn't take it to seriously, he actually went on to finish third, and was willing to tell anyone who would listen how unlucky he was not to go on and win it.
I never really gathered a head of steam and went out in around 12th of 24 entrants.

Similar story in the NLHEwhen I went out around 17th of 33 entrants. The structure on the NLHE was pretty poor with 24min blinds and only 4k starting Chips - which meant it quickly turned it into a shove fest.

I then tried my hand on the cash tables and again without playing too badly ended up £80 lighter - so financially a poor night all around.

I've been pretty disappointed with my Live results this year, yet I seem to do well online - I think its because I tend to treat the Weekly Friday games, and my visits to DTD as more of a jolly than an opportunity to make money. So I've decided to take the live events more seriously and will be siphoning off 10% of Online profit into a 'Live Fund' and will only play when I have enough in this fund to cover the buy-in for the tourneys I am to play, this includes my weekly AOC games -and any ventures onto Live cash tables
I will however put 100% of any Live profit into the same fund - the intention being that I have to make myself try harder to ensure the live events become self funding.

I'll be starting that from this Month., and we'll see if it improves my performances.

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