Friday, January 01, 2010

Huh ... Where'd December go ??

Apologies for lack of any Blog Content during December - I think it was due to the general malaise that affects me during that Month, its my least favorite time of the year. I think the condition also affected my Poker play where it seemed going out on the Bubble was the 'In Thing' for me in December.

I ended the month with a small profit of $217.49c which was OK but not as good as I'd have hoped - Still the yearly profit of $5432.10 is fine for a $5 Tourney Man like myself, hopefully this year will provide much of the same and hopefully more.

As everyone seems to do around this time of year I'll set myself a few 'Resolutions' that I can hopefully avoid breaking before January is over. I may add to these as the month progresses, but for now my 'Goals and Aims for 2010' are

Poker - Get out of the safety zone of the $5 Tourney and start making some big results in bigger tourneys

Personal - Improve my mind, take an Interest in the happenings around me, I hardly ever see much News on TV or read a Daily Paper, so I intend put aside at least 30 mins a day catching up on UK and World events

Poker - Become Luckier

Personal - Lose some weight

Poker - Win enough to pay for a holiday for me and the missus around August time - We have no 'spare' money for a Holiday this year, due to having other more pressing financial needs, so a target of around $4k by August would pay for a nice holiday.

Poker - Get a nice Live Cash under my belt in 2010 - We have made some changes at our Poker Club, which means we aren't having the bigger prize tourneys anymore this year, but the intention is once a month for us (as a Club) to visit other casinos and play in bigger buy-in games there. I'll probably not go every month but it may give me more occasion for the bigger Live win.

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