Monday, February 01, 2010

Poor Start to New Year

Only $160 profit for January - not helped by (yet again) a disastrous flirtation with Ring Games ..... Think a belated resolution will be 'No Ring Games' of any kind in 2010


BurnleyMik said...

How disastrius was the ring game flirtation?? Surely it can;t be that bad??!!

Better luck for Feb.


voiceofjoe said...

I lost around $50 on the cash - which is 5 Buy-Ins and more than enough to lose for me.

Never had a decent MTT win either this month, just a lot of smaller cashes, so the MTT profit wasn't as good as it should have been.

I suppose a profit is better than a loss.

Although this month I'll play a regular Daily Set of MTT's although will need a few Ring hands to enter my Raked Hand MTT's

JJ said...

Ring games are just pure evil and often cause your profits to drop considerably :(