Saturday, June 19, 2010

Adebayour .. with Subtitles

Been watching quite a bit of the World Cup, especially liking the Live Streaming on the BBC Site .

I can fully understand getting 'Experts' from all nations to add to the ambiance, but please whoever signed up Adebayour as the 'African' expert needs sacking, I think you can just about understand 2 words in every ten he speaks - Surely they could have picked someone that people could understand ! ..... Its probably the same person that employed Gordon Strachan as an expert on MoD.

(Almost as bad a call as when ITV had Gazza as an 'Expert' in Japan/Korea (I think)).


burlorka said...

приходите на мой блог о покере

Napper Silas said...

Yes, so from all nations just add the ambiance. Adding the ambiance's simply a law of nature