Monday, December 13, 2010

Falling Off the Wagon

Been playing Poker again for the last few evenings and quite enjoying it - even though the results haven't been great.

I'm down a few $ almost all due to my RIng game expertise .... nothing changed in that sphere then !!
But I've made a couple of final tables in the MTT's aligned with a few other small cashes, just need to wait for it to be my turn for the flips to go my way at the crucial times.

So now I'm back playing again, I'll hopefully be putting a few more blog posts on also.

I now need to decide what I'm aiming to play for, previously I've just accumulated my winnings then put them towards a new car for the missus, I've still got around £3,000 Bankroll but need to give myself a target to aim at, otherwise I've a feeling I'll just spend it on just general - I'm not going to be in a great rush to build it up, small risk , steady profit is the aim.

I think I need to also get the wifes buy-in for the target also, otherwise she'll be hatching her own plans for any profit :)

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