Monday, April 04, 2011

iPad2 4 U

Beat 490ish other players last night in a $2 Tourney on 888.Com and won myself an IPAD2, just ordered from the site and expecting delivery within 30 Days.
Down to 3 with Chip Stacks pretty even, 2 players win an IPad, and I pick up AA in the Big Blind. The SB makes it 1.5 BB and I flat call, the flop comes an incredible AKA - !! I flat call his flop bet and we both Check the J on the Turn. The river drops a Ten and he puts in a 1/2 pot bet - I just know he's hit his Straight, I push over the top and he insta calls - Thank You Very Much !!

.... a £400 IPad is heading my way ....

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