Sunday, April 03, 2011

Preparation for Augusta

With the Clocks moving forward last Sunday, this meant a first chance for a round of golf after work. This year the intention is to play Thursday evenings with 3 from work, we are all as bad as each other so we can hopefully improve together over the year.
I used to enjoy golf, but lost interest a few years ago due a little to lack of motivation, and more to not having someone who would be willing to make a weekly game. I've no great ambition to be a great golfer, I'd just be happy to be able to restrict the 'duff' shots to less than 5 or 6 a round and consistently score in the 90's for a full 18 holes.
As its still too much to ask to get a full 18 holes in after work at the moment, as it drops dark still around 1930 and we can't tee off much before 1730, we will be playing a few 9 holes courses for the first few weeks or so. This week the 9 Hole Course at Morley Hayes was the venue and it was very short - not much more than an extended Pitch and Putt - think the longest hole was around 300 yds - as the big problem with my golf game is hitting woods off the Tee it suited me very well as I only needed to use a wood twice (and could probably have avoided those shots, but felt I ought to try and have a go at working through the 'Wood Problem' - that sounds like a sexual dysfunction, but its not :))
Anyway after 9 holes I led the 'field' by 2 shots and posted respectable +10 which hopefully bodes well for the coming summer months.

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