Saturday, September 30, 2006

Pacific Poker Freeroll

Got an invite to play in Pacific Poker Freeroll from a forum I once joined.

$250 - Only 48 players

Played well, (this is getting regular !), one iffy hand where I called 'trap' bets on Flop ,Turn - but remembered what I had been saying in previous posts - and folded on the River.
I also got 'suckered' holding 33 on a board of T22T6 when I bet on river hoping to get one of the other bettors holding an A - but found one of them holding another T.

Kept accumalating chips by virtue of taking down blinds and forcing people out of pots. Can honestly say I only really ever hit one flop - when holding AA i hit trips, but couldn't get anymore from the other player.

Went out little unluckily, blinds where 300/600, I was in BB with about 2300 left after blinds the button goes All-In for 6000 chips. I know he isn't that strong but i'm only holding JTs (clubs), but decide to call, and i'm prepared to see 1 over card which he duly shows holding K7o.
The flop comes x73 with 2 clubs - in reality my situation hasn't got much worse than preflop, as I'm still looking for JT to beat his K - but know I have a Flush draw. The turn comes a T, so now i'm in front - there are only 3 cards left in the pack that can beat me either of the 7's or the one King, as the other King would give me the Flush. Out comes the K !!

Won $12-50 for my efforts


When Stacks are low and blinds are big sometimes an All-In bet appears weaker than a small raise - this can be used to my advantage in better games.

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