Friday, September 29, 2006

Sit n Go VC

Watched a bit of TV after arriving home from work, decided to play a STT before going to bed - although a little tired.

Went in a $2-20 STT on VC Poker, played good solid Poker - yet again - against some better opponents my continuation bets may have been called down, although some of my bets when I held made hands could well have been called by better opponents - as I tried to make them look like steals.

Started to slow play a few pots tonight, which isn't like me - as I'm usually eager to get a bet in. Another sign that my overall game is improving. I can also feel myself looking at other people in the pots and adjusting my bets,play in accordance to the likelihood of getting action, or avoiding action as the case may be.

Finished 3rd, due to a bit of impatience on my behalf - I had never pushed at the pot when first in all night, even when short-handed - the first time a did with A8s I run into AK in the SB.

I need to keep the steady build up of my Bankroll, playing these small STT's and Freerolls is the way I want to continue for the time being. ALthough I am in 2 minds whether to enter the HORSE Focus Game tomorrow, which has an $8-80 buy in.

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