Tuesday, September 26, 2006

PL Private Game

Been on lates all this week, consequently not been able to play any Tourneys, as most start before I get back.
Missed the PL Titan Freeroll on Monday, due to this - If you ever read this blog, Sorry about that 'GaF'
However 'Big Andy' put a thread up advertisng a Private PL Game on Prima - $3-30 entry.
Started off with a couple of nice pocket hands, and my raise called each time by 'Mickybricks' aka Gazabroad. I missed the flop,turn and river on both occassions,put in continuation bets on the Flop - both called by 'Mickybricks', bravely as it turns out as he only hit his cards on the Turn and River respectively - he also dragged a sucker bet out of me both times on the River !!
The above 2 faux-pas' meant I was short stack for a long period, but luckily the blinds were still low, so I had enough play left to rebuild.
Played solidly for remainder of match, without ever getting my nose in front, eventually busted out in 3rd for a small profit - fittingly I was busted out by 'Mickybricks', against whom I never won a hand all night. Did nothing wrong, put in a larger than normal raise to take down the blinds, while holding A2o - whilst I wasn't totally afraid of the call, i wanted someone to pay me well for the privelige. 'Micky' thought a while and he turned 88 - I lost the race :( , put got a return of $5.40

Tried to Publish my results on PokerDominator, but couldn't connect - hopefully its just down temporarily.

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