Sunday, September 17, 2006

Shuffle Up and Deal

Welcome to my Poker Blog.

My aim with this blog is to record my Success and Failure in my Online (and eventually hopefully Offline...) Poker Games.
These ramblings will hopefully help me realise my errors, and so improve my overall Game.

The story so far ...
I began playing Poker after watching the WPT Shows on Satellite Telly, and played my first online games about June 2005, starting on Play Money, and then after buying a book 'How to be Successful at Texas Hold'em' began playing Limit Poker.
I started playing Cash Games at the very lowest Limits 1c/2c on Paradise Poker - I eventually worked up to 25c/50c Cash Games, also mixing in some 'No Limit' STT upto $3 buy-ins.
I found winning at the higher Cash level quite difficult, and grew bored of the game in October '05. With the release of Football Manger 2006 I packed in playing completely.

.... After growing bored with Football Manger 2006, my interest was rekindled when I stumbled across Poker Night Live on Satellite TV. Starting with an initial £30 (about $70) investment I have numerous sites on my PC - and had mixed fortunes, starting well, but finding the going tough as I raised through the levels .

I was originally aiming to copy a previous blog I've read and win $10,000 in a year - but I think he must have been exaggerating !!.
So I am now aiming to 'win' enough to pay for a holiday next June. A figure of around $2500 would be about right.

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