Monday, September 18, 2006

Betfair Grand Prix

Final Round of the Betfair Poker Player Grand Prix tonight - I reckoned I needed to finish in the top 6 to qualify for the live final. With a field of 441 it was a big ask !!

But played very well and finished 9th - not enough to qualify, but still pleased with my performance. I only got lucky once, when I called A3o with KJo - he hit A on flop but I hit runner, runner when KJ came on Turn and River !!

Didn't do my usual All-In's to get the blinds and antes, instead put in decent raises and wasn't afraid to see flop, if they where brave enough to make the call.

Final hand - The guy UTG went All-In and he'd been doing it quite often through the last 20 or so hands, I was next to play and called with KJ (again !) - thinking he was probably not holding a premium hand. However realised the problem of calling in Early Position when the SB (who was one of the Shorter Stacks) also called All-In.
SB turned AA and UTG turned Ax - the other A came on the board, and my hand afiled to pair. So I was gone as UTG just had me covered in chips !!

Any way on the positive side thats $20 to my holiday fund!!


  • Don't call big raise in Early Position with 'trappy' hands, even if you think you've probably got him beat.
  • On Final table , even with rapid raises in the blinds like this one, sit and wait for a really good hand/opportunity - as just winning one contested pot with the blinds at silly levels, propels you way up the leader board. Case in point that the guy who dumped me out was one of the Short Stacks and that pot gave him a massive lead to enable him to go on and win it. There was probably an All-In call every other hand, so bust one of those out and your sitting pretty.
  • Also on point of waiting - one guy hardly played a hand on Final Table until there was only 4 left, he finished 4th but that policy would have served me well.

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