Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sporting Odds PL Challenge

Played PL Challenge tonight on Sporting Odds - $1 buy-in, nothing added on the night but good prizes for Best Performances over the month.

Pleased with my play in most part, played 2 poor hands, of which more below. But have to explain the hand that caused my demise. Lot of PL'ers on the table, and PL'er Rednutt raises to 900 - Blinds are 300/150. I'm holding AKs so re-raise All-In, the blinds fold and Rednutt waits a while then calls showing AJo.

Flop comes 10-x-K... giving me Pair Kings
Turn is a miss ... so with no Flush Draws on board there are only 4 cards in the Deck that can see me beat .... Yep !! .. a Queen on the river gives her an Ace High Strait.

I felt genuinely robbed, as I had played a very good game without really having a lot of decent hands. I only ever went into 1 big pot, behind and that was calling an All-In in the SB against a low stack - which I was prepared for a took a genuine decision, thinking I may be behind.

Ah well - things bode well for the future.

  • As I said I played 2 bad hands through the night, one was a call in a Multi Way pot from the SB when holding a pitiful 85o - Maybe called in a 1 v 1, but shouldn't have called in a multi-way pot.
  • The other was when holding AQo in Early Position, I raised 3xBB and was called by the BB which was a fair enough call on his behalf. The flop came K5K and I made a continuation bet of 150, which he called. - My assumption at this point was he thinks that I'm bluffing and trying to steal the pot, which I was. I then proceed to make bets of 150 on both the turn and the river, he called both times.
    He turns over K-x giving him trip Kings - what I should have asked myself after the first call, was what could he be holding that I can beat ?? - probably only AJ - I should have made note of his first call and checked the pot down.

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