Thursday, September 21, 2006

VC Teddy Shirt Freeroll

Played in a Freeroll on VC tonight - One Prize only, a signed Teddy Sheringham VC Shirt (wow !). Guess where I finished ... Second !?!

However it was good practive for me, and again I was very pleased with my disciplined play - the early stages where a Mad All-In fest. I bided my time, won a couple of small pots to keep my head above water, then got lucky when All-In A7s v AKs , and I hit a 7 on the turn.

However I kept looking for opportunities, and kept pegging away. I got to the Final table as Chip Leader (Just by about 500 Chips). When down to the Final 3 it was extremely long, but I held my nerve, and didn't go All-In once - just kept the pots small and gradually built a decent stack. I was in a slight deficit when I got to the Heads Up stage. Again in the Heads up stage I was very pleased with my play, and just one lapse cost me the game. See below


  • When limping into a heads up pot I again got to scenario where I was placing large bets when holding nothing but a Gutshot draw. I missed my hand on the river, but felt the only way I could win the hand was to go bigger on the river to bluff him off the pot. He called , he hit the river card, and the pot crippled me.
    Although in fairness he managed to call down a fair bet on the Flop and River, when holding absolutely nothing himself.
  • GOOD POINT - Felt much more comfortable when raising into pots as opposed to limping in, makes Post Flop play more comfortable as you tend to have weeded out the poorer rag hands, which gives you better info on the opponents holdings when playing the flop.
  • GOOD POINT - The adage you read about of playing opposite to the tables image worked for me in this tourney, when in the early stages the Table was Wild as Hell, I played Solid as a Rock

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