Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm nearly a Poker God - Official

Came 2nd in tonight's Mansion Poker God for $250, my biggest win to date.

I started very well and was Chip Leader when the blinds where at only the 2nd Level, this is an unknown for me, stayed around top 10 for a long time until when calling a raise from a short stack another big stack went over the top with an All-In.
I was holding KK so had to call, he turned AK - making me a 65-35 favorite, and would take a massive chip lead. First card out and Ace !! - means I drop down to about 50 of 70
About 20 hands later against same guy, when I'm now short stacked I am pushing to accumulate Chips when he calls I'm holding 65s he shows 99 - I then get a real bit of luck when the board turns up 478xx, giving me the strait and putting me back up the leader board a little.

I manage to build myself up to be Chip Leader again, then with only 30 or so left I take another massive hit against another Big Stack - and eventually at one stage I am 26 of 26 and things are looking desperate.

However I again pick myself up, double up Once,Twice,Three, Four Times and find myself Chip Leader again !!

The final table comes and quite quickly whittles down to 4, which is place where the Money goes from $25 to $100 - then begins an amazing run of luck for all the All-In callers, with what seemed about 10 calls that could have eliminated people, only succeeding in doubling them up.

I was very pleased at how patient I was in this section of the game, I kept looking for opportunities and building my stack gradually - and I was probably the only one of the 4 then was never really adrift at any point of this part of the game.
I was even disciplined enough to lay down AJ twice, and AQ during this period.

Eventually it came to heads up, and that played out for about 30 hands - until with a slight chip disadvantage I went All-In and was called. I turned K9s and my opponent turned KTo - neither of us improved and he won.

I think by that time we were both a little tired as it was 0230 am and we had been playing for 5 hrs.

But overall, I was really pleased with my play - in fact I had been playing very well in the Virgin Freeroll earlier in the night, until I lost concentration with playing both tournaments at once

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