Sunday, October 15, 2006


Take notice of my bloody **NOTES TO SELF** !!

Playing really well in a Depositors Freeroll on Titan, I was lying in about 30th with 420 odd left.
Although a big percentage of those were Sit Outs, with about 400 chips only left.
I then forget all my points about Patience, Don't go All-In unless Short Stacked - and call an 'Aggressive' player All-In. I'm holding A9 the flop shows 10 A Q - he turns A10 and its goodnight vienna !!

Still on the plus side I made 0.42c on the PokerStars cash table !! - This may not sound a lot, and it actually isn't a lot, but its a method mentioned in one of the Forum threads that I was trying, and as my cash Game is absolutely pants then I was quite pleased the method worked.

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