Sunday, October 15, 2006

Day to Myself

The missus, and Daughter had a 'Girls Day Out' today - which I believe means spending money on clothes.
So I was left in - doing the washing, hoovering,cleaning the rats, etc.

I still managed to enter a couple of Tourneys though !

Managed to Enter a Limit Freeroll by mistake - to say I used to do 'OK' at Limit Cash Games, I can't understand the attraction now - in the end I got totally bored and just kept raising whenever I got a potentially good hand. I think I finished about 300th out of 1000 entrants.

At the same time as playing the above I entered a $2+0.25 tourney on BETFAIR, made big error getting drawn in with a pocket pair - and busted out 140th of 160 - I regained my losses on a STT.

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