Saturday, October 14, 2006

Live and Kicking

Went down to 'The Middle Club' at Whitwell tonight, to experience my very first live game.

I was made aware of the Poker Club by Mike & Lou Saban from Punters Lounge. I had a really good night - put a few names to PL Faces

Mike and Lou, Donna and Paul, Mike Rowe, Karl

Good, friendly atmosphere and very 'patient' with my feeble attempts at dealing - I managed to miss someone out totally once, forgot to burn a card and missed dealing a Turn while I was busy trying to get a drink. !!

Wish my cards, had been better - I only had 1 decent hand all night, AKs, which I doubled up with, the only other hand I won was a blind steal holding J6o. Even so I still managed to finish 6th of 18 (4 places paid) -which I was more than pleased with.

The ones that crashed out of the main tourney early started a Sit'n'Go - and there was then going to be a 2nd Tourney for every one (who had stayed). I left at about 10:30 as I have work in morning - (although I've stayed up bloody late surfing the net, and writing this !!!)

I will definitely go again, when my shifts allow - next time I should maybe be able to concentrate more on my cards, as everything should become a little more second nature.

There was far more 'action' than in an Internet game, and an awful lot of 'rag' hands seemed to be played i.e K7,K6,J9 - plus betting large on draws seemed to be a favorite ploy of a few of the people on my table.
The room was more than adequate, and we played on proper poker tables with a PC dictating the Blinds, Seating and Prize Money. Everything was excellently organized for such a small members club, with Monthly Leagues and Larger Monthly Tourneys - everything taken is ploughed back as prizes, or to cover expenses.

If the 'Pepsi Kid' is reading this, then you really should try to make the next one - Tourney buy-ins are £5+£1 (The £1 I believe goes to Monthly League Prize, or to make Larger Snowball Tourneys), it costs £2 for the night for non-members, but I paid £3 and became a member (reduced as it's renewed in January).

Thanks again for a great night - Mike, Lou, Paul, Donna and all at 'The Middle Club'

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