Tuesday, October 03, 2006

No Tilt at Full Tilt

It was the first of the Hendon Mob Weekly tourneys tonight on Full Tilt, $10-1 is out of my Bankroll at minute, while I build up confidence and experience.

However while I was observing the rest of PL in the tourney, I registered for a $1-25, 45 seater Hold Em Tourney. Played well - everyone else had gone to bed and I was left to concentrate.

I finished 2nd for $11-25, played well - just got lucky once. However my Heads Up was very poor, although I went in with about a 2-1 chip deficit, my opponent outplayed me.

Practice Heads Up

Away from Poker I downloaded a Backgammon Tutor tonight, which seems very good - although I beat it twice I still got a rating of Awful!!

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