Monday, October 02, 2006

Titan PL Tourney

Deposited at Titan today, as PL are having some Tourneys on there over next weeks.
Played in a $1-10 PL MTT tonight, not very good - had to take 20 mins out to sort Missus out some food, and sort daughter out for her Cooking Class tomorrow, so wasn't Focused , for the Focus game.

If you can't give the tourney at least 90% of your concentration, then don't play!!

Also played in a 1500 player Freeroll, but played without focus again, as I could see it lasting through till the early hours.

American Congress have passed a bill today, virtually outlawing online gambling in the US. Lots of doom, and gloom in Forum regarding it - but I think it may have a beneficial effect for UK/European Poker - although if I was MD of online gaming site I'd be seriously looking at the Asian markets.

** Other News

Currently Top of the Table in the PL Football Tipsters League ... mind is it only Conference Division B !!

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