Sunday, October 01, 2006

V Points Freeroll

Played 2 Freerolls tonight - I got knocked out 250th in Poker God on Mansion, although truthfully don't know why I began in the first place - as to get to the Points/Money you need to play through till about 2:30am - and i'm up at 5 in morning.

The other was Virgin V-Points Freeroll. Again played solidly, chip stack kept going up and down, but suffered a few bad beats. Amazed what some people where calling down with, I was betting large at pots and people would stay in and suck out on me on the river !! - either they had a good read on me (as I had only Ace High both times), or they where just muppets - and I favor the latter.

Although the main hand that crippled me, I read it brilliantly, played it as I would if i could have seen his cards - and still lost.!!
I was in SB, and another PL'er - SLAPDASH - was on the button. 'Slap' is a very good ABC -Solid player from my observations playing against him before. So when he raised to 1000 from the button - I knew he would be holding a decent hand, I was holding AA in the SB. So I didn't want to scare him out of the pot totally, but I needed to raise the pot for 2 reasons ..
1. I didn't want the BB in to make it a 3 way hand
2. I didn't want to raise too much because knowing he was a solid player, he may well have folded against an All-In.
So I wanted to look as though I was protecting my blind, and I put in a raise to make it 2000 to play, BB Folded and Slap went All-In. I, of course, immediately called.

But the flop came 77K ... :(
The Turn came .... K .... aaargh
The Flop another 7 !!

I made a slight comeback when my AJ won against KK KQ by hitting an A - but then I lost all my chips when I had AK, and got called by 85s ??!! - Of course he hit 3 more of his suit and knocked me out in 55th

Ah well .. thats Poker

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