Saturday, October 21, 2006

Singapore Sling ....

Played in Betfair Freeroll today for place in Betfair Asian Tour Singapore Open. Only 1 place available with 140+ runners.
My mate Battyboy1 played in it also - he finished an impressive 140th.

I played pretty well most of the night, although a little void of luck when it mattered - as the blinds increased I was about 20% below an average Chip Stack when I threw (hence the title !)any chances I had a way with a bloody awful play.
I had a rush of blood and limped in UTG with a marginal AJo - got raised by mid-table player and eventually ended up All-In -out in 30th.

The winner was the 'Main Moderator' from our Poker Forum on Punterslounge. He plays on Betfair with the monicker of 'TELEPE' - but we all know him affectionately as G(ot) A F(ancy).

The win couldn't go to a more deserving chap - (present Blogger excepted) - I've never met GaF, and probably never will, but his conduct on the site is exemplary, he has a 'cruel' sense of humour - but isn't afraid to make fun of himself , which in my book is a good attribute that everyone should have. He also puts a lot of hardwork into the forum.

GAF if you ever read these witterings -

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