Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What Dad's are for..

Needed to register for SpOdds PL Challenge tonight, but wasn't due to leave work until 20:00 which is when it was due to start. So enrolled help of my Dad to register for me - put the Software on his machine and left instructions.

I half expected to find myself in a $20 Rebuy instead of the $1 Challenge, if you'd seen my Dad setting a video you would understand why these premonitions where flashing through my head.

But much to my surprise I was registered, and joined about 1/2 hr after it had started - I was All-In on my 2nd hand, against 2 callers and successfully tripled up. Played solidly again through the tournament - in the top 5 all time - then got (stupidly) got All-In against a slightly bigger stack, when holding KK -and he turned AA and it was "goodnight from me....".

Finished 20th which may improve my Weekly League position, as not so many PL'ers in this week.


Error's - Going up against a Big Stack after he had shown strength against a large raise.

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