Thursday, November 23, 2006

All Tournaments are Freerolls

I was reading an article in this months Inside Edge about some Swedish pro, and he was saying that all the tournaments he enters are like Freerolls - by this he meant his cash game income pays for his Tournament entries.

So I've decided to do something similar, I've created a spreadsheet and i am dividing my profit into 2 columns - 1/2 into a Running Total Profit and 1/2 will go towards MTT entries. Now my cash game is pretty poor, so i am including STT profits in my Bankroll.

I started this on 21/11 and so far I have $4-78 in each column after 2*STT and 2*Cash Sessions.

I aim to play the MTT's on Mansion, as they are excellent value with all the Guarantees or Add-Ons, so will need at least $10+1 to start my MTT campaign

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