Tuesday, November 21, 2006

STT Frustrations

Been playing some STT's last few days - keeping a record on the STT Spreadsheet from PL.

Playing Betfair $2-50 and VC $3-00. Doing OK on Betfair showing a $16-50 profit so far from 12 Tourneys - was playing well in last one tonight when I bubbled in 4th finding AA whilst holding AJ - 4 handed AJ takes a lot of getting away from, and the Chip Leader had been constantly calling my Raises then tending to fold when missing flop - but this time he obviously had a hand.

On VC - I'm due my share of good fortune, I've played 3 and finished 9,8,7 - but been rivered big time in all 3 - the last one holding TJs I hit the perfect flop AKQ of 3 different suites - so slow played the Flop and Turn, eventually getting 1 opponent to go All-In after Turn - He shows AQ for 2 pair. Next thing I know, and I just felt it was going to happen, another A falls on the river giving him the Full House. So I'm currently $9-90 down on VC, but as Bob Dylan would say
'Times they are a Changin'

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