Thursday, November 02, 2006

..And when you do play well...

Played in the Mansion PL Challenge League tonight, didn't have any great hands all night - exception hit AA twice and got a walk both times !!

Still managed to make most of my bad hands, playing when in position, or attacking the weaker stacks when required. My first priority was to beat last weeks position of 20th, which I did finishing 18th. But I sucked out when my all-in ReRaise with AK was called by the original raiser , he showed Q6 and managed to see another Q on the flop, J also fell so I had 10 outs on the River, but it turned a blank.

I just new he didn't have a hand, but he did have plenty of chips - so calling wasn't a massive percentage of his stack.

But positives from tonight ......
a. Played much better
b. Improved on last weeks finish

I do need to keep reminding myself to be patient, and the opportunities will arise - daft as it seems if I had doubled up there I would have been about 8/18 and in with a good chance.

I do believe the strongest part of my MTT play is final table situations - its just getting to them that's the problem !!

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