Monday, November 06, 2006

Rebuy ...

Played a couple of tourneys today - 2*STT on VC 2nd in the one in the afternoon, then 4th in the one this evening (I have KK vs TT and a T shows on the river)

Tonight I played in PokerGod, and yet again I produced a poor performance - although a little strange table as we only had 3 people actually playin, all the others where sit outs.

I then played a $10+1 with Rebuys tourney on Mansion - it offered fantastic value with a $1000 added 2*$250 bounties - plus an extra $500 added (split between Top 3) for every goal Spurs scored against Chelsea in theis afternoons premiership match. Which as they scored 2 was another $1000. The buy-in for the tourney was a little above my normal price - plus the option of Rebuys+Add-On made it a possible expensive entry.
However I was determined not to be stupid and ended up with just the one Rebuy, and even though I was 99/101 at the first break I declined an add-on. I was in the last 4 or 5 for long periods, but eventually, by being patient and taking my opportunities I made it through the bubble (18 paid) and finished 9th for a very nice $70. The last hand saw me be a little lax, when I went All-In with KQs after having a limper just before me. He turned AA and I was a gonna.

First prize would have been worth $1700 - but hey a profits better than a loss.

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