Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cash Games

Being playing low buy in cash games for last few days, and having been on the 0.02/0.04 have decided to start from the bottom on the 0.01/0.02 and try work my way up. Using Poker Tracker to plot my course, and maybe do a bit of analysis later on.

Anyway all was going well yesterday with being a massive $5 + , after one muppet play by me I ended up about $2-50 up.
Then today was doing OK, when my KK got busted by AT - from there on I went into free fall, I think I began to lose concentration. Final total showed an overall Balance of (-$1-35).

So need to concentrate a bit more and also stop Multi Tabling - as I don't really concentrate on the players when I do this - which can prove costly, as not all players at this level are total donkeys. I need to identify the poor players and profit from them, not get tangled with the better ones.

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