Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hello my name is Kermit

Confidence in Poker is a good asset, it gives you an edge to beat your opponent. But like everything in life, too much of it is detremental to your health. My financial health in this case.

After having another successful cash session, I log on again later and join another table - same as before decent increase in bankroll, and its all so easy - 'I'm the mutts nuts', 'The bees knees etc'.... oh all this others they're just donkeys.... its so easy.
Then wham,bam - oops what happened there, that bloke just got lucky ?!?.... nevermind- reload - i'll win that back and twice as much besides......

'Aaah raise preflop, .... hmmm ... well i've got 4T and they're suited .... so i'll call your raise'.. 'ribbet' ,'croak','ribbet'

'Whats the flop like ... hmmm ... 353... and you've checked ?? --Ha, useless i'll bet here and take it right now'
'ribbet' ,'croak','ribbet'

'You've called me, hahaha, more money for me ..... let me just shove the rest of my cash in to show you what a real poker player bets like'
'ribbet' ,'croak','ribbet'

'... and you've called me ...haha..... and - whats that - you've got 35, for a full house ?!?!? ....'
'ribbet' ,'croak','ribbet'

.... "Its time to entertain you, its time to light the lights......"

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